Into the Ether

by Blank Pages

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After breaking a 7-year hiatus with their 2018 album Before Your Summer Fades, Blank Pages is back in 2019 with a fresh EP, Into the Ether.

Songwriter Greg Potter leads the band through their ongoing exploration of melodic, guitar-driven indie pop by pairing finely crafted melodies with thought-provoking themes. This time around, their journey examines the cosmic forces that pull us together and tear us apart.

The single, “Into the Ether,” is quintessential Blank Pages: an irresistible power pop track featuring tuneful guitars, swirling synths, and harmony. The song is an ode to friends with the invisible ability to bring us together. And how those ties can explode when they have gone.

“Let it Flow” pairs jangling guitars with stream of consciousness lyrics that celebrate the inspiration that comes from peacefulness and our connection to others. In the acoustic-driven “Snapshots,” Potter recounts a recurring vision of a long-lost connection that spans so many years, he can no longer remember if it was a dream, or reality.

The EP closes with “Welcome to the Unknown,” a tuneful rock track punctuated by vintage synths, pianos, and guitars. It brings the listener full circle: back into life’s ether where the only certainly is uncertainty.

Into the Ether is Blank Pages’ sixth release on FDR Label, featuring Potter on guitar and lead vocals, Jason Brown on bass and guitar, Ed McCaffrey on drums. The band’s five prior releases on the FDR Label include Before Your Summer Fades, Absolute Uncertainty, On My Street, 45 & 33, and Funny Pages.


released February 1, 2018

Greg Potter: guitar and lead vocals
Jason Brown: bass and guitar
Ed McCaffrey: drums


all rights reserved



FDR Label Chesterfield, New Jersey

FDR Label is the small NJ indie label with the big power pop heart. Formed in 1996, FDR Label is known for wildly popular tribute CDs to the Replacements, The Who, and the 80s movie tribute, High School Reunion.

Releases have featured Guided By Voices, Frank Black, Matthew Sweet, Pat Dinizio, The Bigger Lovers, Bastards of Melody, The Successful Failures, the Dipsomaniacs, Taggart, and many more.
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Track Name: Into the Ether
Into the Ether

You are the tightest string that ties this all together.
Now I’ve become unraveled and completely frazzled without you.

You are the gravity that pulls my feet to the ground.
But now I’m floating in space and reaching for that place where I find you.

When every single piece of me explodes into the ether,
You’ve got the things to pull me back together.

You are the sticky glue that makes our story’s binding.
But now the pages torn out contain the verses all about my dreams of you.
Track Name: Let it Flow
Let it Flow

It’s all aligned and perfectly designed
To achieve the exact results you get.
But one minor change, or anything rearranged
Leads to something that hasn’t happened yet.
Not a single detail has been set.

So let it happen. Let it flow.
Let it take you wherever it wants to go.
Where time slows, inspiration grows.

Let it flow right through you and into me.
Let it pick you up and float you down that stream.
Let it flow like a river to the sea.
Let it show me something that I couldn’t see.
Let it flow into me

My thoughts are confined and painted in the lines
Just the way the way I intended them to be.
When everything you know is lined up in a row,
There’s something off to the sides you didn’t see.
Nothing in this life is guaranteed
Track Name: Snapshots of My Life

An image of us is burned in my mind.
I’ve retouched it a thousand times.
Under streetlights l make out your face.
And in darkness, I go back to that place.

For all the times I’ve imagined that scene, I don’t know if it was real or if it was a dream.
Do you remember? Have you been there, too?
Can you see me the way that I see you in these snapshots of my life?

The picture’s faded but the feelings are clear.
I’m off in the distance but I see you right here.
Behind closed eyes I keep finding myself back in that place where I see you.
Can you see me in those snapshots of your life?

I wonder if they resemble mine.
Do I come into view?
I’ve imagined that I was there, too.

If one day you imagine that scene, would you look for me?
I’m looking for you.
Would you remember? Have you been there, too?
Can you see me the way that I see you in these snapshots of your life?

I’ve come back to that place where I see you.
Can you see me in these snapshots of your life?
Track Name: Welcome to the Unknown
Welcome to the Unknown

Are we ourselves? Something’s slightly askew.
I've walked for miles with that stone in my shoe.
Is it better to know or have no knowledge of this?
Is ignorance really bliss?

Now I get it. We’ve been disarranged.
Again, I’ve wandered into someplace strange.
It’s a familiar feeling. Welcome to the unknown.
No, I’ve never been here but it feels like home.

Are we writing directions to what happens next or hiding clues beneath the text?
The new normal: uncertainty followed by doubt.
Time has a way of working things out.

Don’t rush into it. It could be right or wrong.
Let’s wait a minute to see what else comes along.
It’s a familiar feeling. Welcome to the unknown.
No, I’ve never been here but it feels like home.

It’s just the same, everything’s changed.
Now it’s not the same, nothing has changed.